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"It was informative to me and kept me looking for security jobs."

James B.

Kirkland, WA
"I am glad to receive more than the usual searches, especially in my area and not out of state like some websites. Unfortunately, due to a virus, I did not receive my email on time and was unable to apply to some of the more interesting positions. Keep up the good work and maybe I may find something by next year!"

Carol P.

"This is a great service offered by this site. I hope this helps you like it did for me! Good luck!"

Ronald V.

Middletown, NY
"I am very pleased with the user friendly application of this site. I would recommend it to most people looking for a job in security."

Marita W.

Sylmar, CA
"This site shows whether you're hired or not that its administrators are legitimately committed to helping prospects find employment. The instructions posted on how to use this site are easy to use, and in simple terms."

Jonathan B.

Baltimore, MD
"Got the job I wanted"

Mario sanchez S.

Amarillo, TX
"I was hired as a Director of Security. "

Karl K.

Westover, MD
"Was just hired at Safeco Security today. Thank you for posting this position!"

Gloria C.

Arlington, TX
"I really appreciate the help that you are providing to me. Thank you for the opportunity to get the employers a way to see the information that I need to provide them with. This has been a great help."

Myekeela G.

Gadsden, AL
"I will guarantee I found the job through the site!"

Tuan P.

Hixson, TN
" is the best security employment website out there."

Ric S.

Texhoma, OK
" From the very day I posted my resume with iHireSecurity I received numerous calls from perspective employers. This is an outstanding service and I highly recommend it for anyone seeking employment in the security industry."

Paul S.

Toms River, NJ
"This is a great site, I would highly recommend to others!"

Christopher C.

Lansdowne, PA
"Thank you for your services. Just within the first 24 hours, I have had over 5 phone calls from different agencies wanting to interview me. I now have more access and capabilities to find my future career."

Candace K.

Corona, CA
".....I am totally pleased with this site."

Diwell J.

"Gave me plenty of great leads and now I am working security through a Chicago company!"

K B.

Chicago, IL
"I loved the active news and job leads on iHireSecurity. Best advice and notifications on the planet. "

Eric W.

Markham, IL
"I recently had a problem with submitting my resume online. After calling your customer service department, the assistance I received from your representative was outstanding. She went out of her way to ensure my issue was resolved, including calling me to confirm. She is a true asset to your company. I would enjoy having someone like her working for me."

Daniel C.

Tampa, FL
"Wow, if it wasn’t for iHire I would never have gotten to interview with the place I wanted to work! Thank you iHire, you made my dream come true!"

Dani B.

"Great info on many job opportunities!"

Angel R.

New York, NY
"Due to your great service, I have received several job offers. Thank you."

Joe A.

West Los Angeles, CA
"It helped me keep my eyes open for different opportunities."

Angela B.

Memphis, TN
"I am generally pleased with the site."

Bidarshi B.

Long Beach, CA
"I just found this address today and believe me, I have made leaps and bounds with my resume and qualification. I did not know applications like this were even available. This of the best situations and direction I have ever read. Read it once and you will know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm amazed at how easy this tutorial is. I hate writing a lot about myself."

Maurice N.

Blaine, WA
"iHire provided a lot of jobs to consider. "

Keith D.

Rockwall, TX
"I saw a really nice job ad, but to apply for it, I had to register with I did that, and now I'm going to be considered for really nice fire safety director jobs in upscale buildings! Thanks!"

Mark S.

New York, NY
"I cannot thank you enough. I found a great job from your web site/service. Great pay and benefits. Thank you."

Pablo A.

"I subscribed to iHire and they helped me to perfect my resume with the resume tools. In addition to the job matching service, showed which of my skills matched closely with available jobs. "

K W.

Dumfries, VA
"This is the first time I'm using a site like this to find a security officer job. I'm very impressed, and I don't impress easily. I feel very comfortable with this site, and I hope you will keep on improving this site for all the people that are looking for a security officer position. "

Joanne A.

New York, NY
"One of the best, most well organized and professionally laid out employment websites I have visited."

Andrew S.

Pleasant Lake, MI