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Bounty Hunters aka Fugitive Recovery Agents Aka Bail Enforcement Agents are special agents of the bail system and the courts. To be concise, Agents “hunt fugitives from justice” very much like that of the US Marshal’s service. We enjoy greater arrest powers than the police and have the similar extradition laws like that of the US Marshals’ Service. The U.S. Marshals are paid by your tax dollars while the Agent is paid by the defendant or fugitive.

The exception is that the bail enforcement agent gets a very much higher rate of pay. Like most job positions, training is required and/or schooling. The laws in the United States which do vary a bit between each individual state is that training is number one on the list for requirements. Other requirements are age which is generally 18 or 21 years of age. To succeed is where you pick your training. We are the only Academy in the nation. Personal one on one training by dedicated professionals, not online scams. 

Our program is approved by all the professional bail associations in the nation. We even sat on the Board of Advisors and Directors and awarded Agent of the Year for decades. Our policy administration and policy management is targeted for rich prospects by our coaching and staff supervision. Our founder is considered the industry-standard bearer who will be handling employee development and events. 

Once you complete the extremely detailed course of 30 hours, you will be given job opportunities right there in the course to join our teams located around the nation. If you are not satisfied with that you will be given hundreds of bail bond companies who will hand you the contracts that you need to make an arrest. Other job opportunities are with the public sector. District Attorney Offices, US Marshals, INS, Police Departments, DEA will hire you to track down a fugitive from justice.

You may also decide to open your bail bond company and work on your own FTA’s Fail to Appear. It is lucrative and exciting. Our certificate will open doors for you never imagined. Get ready to get to work and love what you do. 

As for gear and products, we have all the best  technology at 50% through our membership COBRA (Coalition of Bail Recovery Agents). Products like tasers, stun guns, expandable steel batons, highest strength pepper spray in the nation and tactical gear. You can earn 100K++ CASH if you follow our training and our science.

We will teach you to be the best safe and effective agents in the United States guaranteed.   You can also just register for a course of your choice by visiting our schedule page.

Visit youtube and place serialsavior in search box. 


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Bounty Hunter Training Academy
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