Preparing for a Job Interview: Research Checklist & Worksheet

Research is a vital step in preparing for a job interview. Check out the interview research tips in our downloadable checklist and worksheet to get started.

job seeker researching before an interview

Practice and preparation are the best ways to ease job interview jitters and boost your confidence. In addition to brushing up on common questions, figuring out what to wear, and perfecting your elevator pitch, research is also a key component of preparing for a job interview.

But where should you start? What information do you need to look for and where should you look for it? What interview research tips should you keep in mind when trying to learn more about the job?

This handy guide will walk you through researching and preparing for a job interview, including specific steps for how to learn more about your interviewers, what to research about a company for an interview, and where to find essential details about the position you’re interviewing for.

By downloading and filling out this interview research tip sheet, you’ll impress your interviewers by showing that you’ve done your homework and demonstrating your genuine interest in the role and their company. Plus, the more you know about the job, the more confident you’ll be in your decision to accept it should an offer come your way.

by: Natalie Winzer
February 16, 2022

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